Is an ancient form of energy healing that has been making a come back in the last decade.  You will lay on a massage table or sit in a chair (fully dressed) and relax while the practitioner channels the healing energy to you.  The practitioner may or may not place their hands on certain spots to help with energy flow. The energy will flow through you to where it is needed for your greatest good. This is a gentle, relaxing and the basis of all "hands on" energy healing modalities

This is a unique healing form where Christine intuitively reads the bodies energy and uses the energy healing modalities that will best help your situation.  

Is an ancient form or energy healing where "reflexes" are pressed and activated on your feet to stimulate associated organs and systems in the body.  Reflexology allows the body to relax and turns on the healing process.  You will comfortably lay on the massage table (dressed), with socks off, while the practitioner rubs and presses on your feet (possibly up to your knees) with unscented oil.

Benefits of Energy Healing

Energy healing comes in many forms, depending on exactly what you want to experience.

Even though they are performed and experienced differently they have many benefits in common.


 Strengthen your well-being

Reduce/remove pain




Reduce side effects of medications

Recovery after injuries or surgery

Eating disorders

Mental Illnesses

Sexual Disfunction

Balancing Chakras

Sleeping disorders


Negative self-talk/Image/Self-Esteem


Breaking old habits

Attracting Positivity

Much More...

If you would like to know if your ailment could be helped with energy healing please contact us.

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