Is a Japanese energy healing modality, based on the principal that all things are made up of energy, and that we have energy (chi) running through us. 

As a Practitioner I help direct the Universal Energy to where your body needs it most to help remove negative blockages or ailments which will help your energy (chi) flow as it should.  This will result in reducing the symptoms or even clearing the ailment or disease.

Covered under most Health Plans (Under Naturopath)

What Can Reiki Help You With:


 Strengthen your well-being

Reduce/remove pain




Reduce sideeffects of medications

Recovery after injuries or surgery

Eating disorders

Mental Illnesses

Sexual Disfunction

Balancing Chakras

Sleeping disorders


Negative self-talk/Image/Self-Esteem


Breaking old habits

Attracting Positivity

Much More...

Well, I have to say I was sceptical, what is Reiki anyway? Healing without medicine, is this possible? I've worked in a pharmacy for 23 years. After my first session with Christine I can tell you that my perception has definitely changed. I could feel the energy and now I am hooked. I have since had 2 more sessions and will definitely keep coming back for more. Thank you Christine!

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